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America’s Catch is committed to providing the best catfish available on the market, that’s why we are a vertically integrated catfish processor. We control the entire catfish production process from inception to delivery.  From pond to plate we like to say. This allows us to maintain the highest quality standards so the freshest catfish reaches you.


Our clean, controlled farming process provides the freshest catfish on the market. America’s Catch 5,000 acre farm is purposefully surrounding the plant. Our farm, under continual upgrades, consists of over 600 ponds managed 24 hours a day, 7days a week.


Faster, More Efficient Catfish

America’s Catch has spent years developing a hardier, faster growing, more efficient catfish. Our entire farm has now been stocked with this new Hybrid Catfish. America's Catfish benefits:


• The hybrid is a cross between Channel (Ictalurus Punctatus) x Blue (Ictalurus Furcactus)


• AC uses Intense Indoor Scientific Spawning Techniques


• Our Hybrid Stock is Limited to Few Hatcheries


• Our Hybrid is Very Expensive for Purchase


• Our Hybrid Results in Aggressive Feeding, Disease Resistant, Better Feed Conversion, Better Plant Yield


For you, the beginning of a good meal may be when the catfish hits the pan, but for America’s Catch, it starts with the best, naturally-selected, genetically superior breeding stock.


Eggs are harvested and deposited in our hatchery where they are manicured, fed, and monitored. Thousands hatch into small fish called fry. Troughs of fry freely swim and are fed a high protein feed to enhance their taste and growth schedule.


Young fry are stocked into ponds and enjoy the advantage of Mississippi Delta artesian water as they grow into 4 to 6 inch fingerings and then advance into grow out ponds. America’s Catch is diligent in maintaining exceptional water quality and constantly test pond waters to assure impurities and pollutants never contaminate our fish.



America’s Catch has trained fish, yes, really. Training our fish to eat on the water’s surface instead of the pond bottom produces fresher, better tasting catfish. How do we do that? We feed our fish nutritionally complete, scientifically formulated, feed made primarily from grains such as soy beans, corn, wheat, and sorghum.

This special feed’s properties promote our catfish’s best characteristics: mild taste, flaky texture and odorless cooking.



When our catfish reach market size of one to one and a half pounds, it is harvest time. In order to continue the live fish freshness, we load our fish into special live hauling trucks containing water for the ride directly to the processing plant just across the street.


This guarantees that the fish are alive and fresh when they enter the plant. This turnkey process, from inception to delivery, illustrates America’s Catch philosophy of total integration and is the competitive advantage over other catfish processors.

Once our catfish enter the plant, start to finish processing is less than thirty minutes. The America’s Catch processing plant is a highly automated modern facility with specialized equipment designed by us to achieve the best outcomes possible. Designed to process the fish quickly and efficiently, the seemingly endless automation moves the fish along through the rapid process and out to packing, storage and shipping.

Every process at America’s Catch is designed to provide the freshest catfish possible. This includes the way our fish is packaged. After processing, our daily-shipped fresh products receive a unique wash and chill process before being automatically weighed and ice-packed for shipping. Processed fish bound for the freezer pass through one of two IQF (individually quick frozen) freezers before being sealed to ensure freshness months later.


America’s Catch is determined to deliver orders on time, the way customers ordered it. With ample frozen storage areas, we are able to maintain an inventory large enough to fill almost any orders immediately.
We have the largest fleet of trucks per volume than any other catfish processor in the state, and because we use our own fleet, we are able to lower cost of delivery to customers.

America's Catch

At America's Catch, we are service oriented. We're large enough to satisfy any product needs, but small enough to be sensitive to all our customers.


So if quality, service and cost are important to you, depend on America's Catch - Americas Gourmet Catfish Company.